Duped by an Anonymous GOP Coup?

AJ Calhoun
4 min readSep 10, 2018

Democrats are so excited by the anonymous inside-the-White House manifesto published by the unsteady New York Times, that we fail to notice what’s actually happened. We now have a cabal of Republican operatives running the show, distracting the maniac at the helm and snatching truly catastrophic orders off his desk (how cute!) while demonstrating to us, in effect, how people selected by the Maniac are quite capable of running the Executive Branch to their liking without letting the world be blown up.

Quick! Here he comes! Steve, get outta here!

Awesome, huh? I mean, these people rightly criticize, along with Bob Woodward’s book “Fear,” the utter incompetence of the sitting president to serve, but instead of doing the right thing (they are Republicans after all) which would be to deliver this manifesto, signed, to Congress with the intent of invoking the 25th Amendment (they’d still have a Republican president for the duration of the term — does Pence scare them too?) they simply tell us, like Al Haig when Reagan was shot, “[We’re] in charge now.”

And we cheer.

They have found nothing objectionable in certain of the President’s instincts, as outlined in the letter for all of us to see, such as “tax cuts, deregulation, judges,” all things we deplore when they actually happen, and rightly so, but when enabled by this gang of “resistance inside the White House” we clap like idiots. Because the enemy of my enemy is my friend.


The person or persons unknown who penned this outrageous letter have told us, in no uncertain terms, that they want to avoid a Constitutional crisis, and so are holding down the fort and toying with the duly (or not, your call) elected resident maniac as they allow certain of his high-handed and destructive policies to be put into effect, while calling him all the names we’ve been calling him and who Woodward quoted, with names, as being called.

So because of Woodward we have a list of suspected letter writers.

What if it was a group effort? It undoubtedly had group approval. Why not just sign the thing, all of you self-congratulatory twits, and hand it to Congress so the fool you’re working around can be removed, and a sane, if earnestly timid and silly man with the same agenda (but one he actually can articulate if asked) can serve out…



AJ Calhoun

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