Does Donald Trump Hate America?

A recent encounter with a questionable presence on Facebook, in which some guy (he has mysteriously disappeared from my radar now) had shared a CNN clip of Chris Cuomo from late last month, talking about Donald Trump’s having tweeted, post Russia summit, that that his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin “was a great success, except with the real enemy of the people, the Fake News Media,” a statement that CNN’s Chris Cuomo called “ugly” and “unoriginal,” but “most importantly … an admission that you hate your country.”

The boys involved in the fracas. Easy to choose the better-looking one, right?

You can watch the clip here and decide for yourself — though I would suggest you go back and watch it again after you’re done reading here on this page.

Random Guy (not his real or even his possibly fake name, but I cannot remember what that was, and as I say, he has vanished now), who shared this, had editorialized passionately ahead of the link that Cuomo was out to mislead people, and begged those who read his share to “read between the lines” and “don’t drink the Kool-Aid.” (This last admonition ID’d Random Guy as a right wing troll, and a not very well connected one, at that, the “Kool-Aid” trope being a good decade old now).

At any rate, I took issue, and asked Random Guy if he could kindly share some logical insight into why he felt Cuomo was an evil influence out to undermine public opinion (of what — or who? The president? That was not clear), and that his response not be simply some empty phrases (see “Don’t drink the Kool-Aid”) or ad hominem attacks. His response was defensive and hurt, and he made some sort of “joke” he called it, referring to how he would use his “pre-med” education to try and isolate the toxin in the Kool-Aid (per my sarcastic request). He said my response was meant to demean him personally, which is wasn’t, though I guess it may have put him at a disadvantage. He also claimed some scholarship at law (and thus the Constitution) and random other bits that did nothing to answer my straightforward question.

Let me go on record at this point, to keep things clear: I am (as I told Random Guy) not a particular fan of Cuomo. I don’t feel he is the devil incarnate or anything, but I am also not in awe of him, though I do respect and envy his education and his various journalistic gigs. Those certainly count for something, but they don’t prevent him from crossing certain lines from time to time (like his atheist test, some off-topic, off-base questions pitched to candidates during a 2016 town hall). This and other things have left me feeling somewhat distrustful of Cuomo, but more because of right-leaning and/or neoliberal things he has said). In fact, yes, I feel Cuomo is quite the neoliberal, which is his right, of course, no pun intended.

But back to Random Guy and his “Kool-Aid” concern about the specific Cuomo remark, which was that Trump’s post-summit tweet about journalists as enemies of the people was evidence that “…you hate your country,” and bringing up the inevitable comparisons with other famous despots.

I had promised to re-watch the clip, “read between the lines,” and get back to Random Guy about this. I can’t, because like all good trolls he has gone back under his bridge, but it was a worthwhile exercise. Here’s why:

Trump no doubt hates most of the media, because they report the news, and much of the news involves our somewhat unhinged president, for the very reason that he so often appears to be unhinged. Trump hates a lot of people. In fact he hates anyone who publicly tells anything true about him, because every time he opens his mouth he makes himself (and, by extension, most of the rest of us) look idiotic. So yeah, there’s that. But the issue was Cuomo’s assertion that all this proves that Trump hates his country.

I don’t think he does. Did Hitler hate Germany? Need I go on? Okay, I will. Thank you for asking. No, I don’t think Trump hates the United States, In fact, I think he loves it the way a little kid loves his personal box of toys. It’s his. It belongs to him and he can pretend a dump truck is a fire truck if he wants to, and you’d better not try and correct him. And he can throw his dump truck at the wall if he wants to, and make crash sounds. He has miniature people, too, and some are NFL players, if you get my drift. So that’s one way Trump loves the USA.

Trump’s actual big truck moment.

As a relative adult (that is, he is at large, having long ago achieved his majority, or as he might put it, off the record or on, “free, white and 21” or, in his case, 72 or 9. Whatever) he also loves it the way a used car salesman loves his lot, his inventory and his potential buyers and sellers. Or as Roy Moore loves the passing attractive high school girl. As a pervert loves his fetish.

In every case, he loves it because it is his and he can do any damn thing he pleases with it, including grabbing it by the pussy.

Why is this seemingly tangential analysis meaningful? For several reasons: One, Chris Cuomo is wrong to have tried to make a raw appeal to the emotions of Trump detractors. There’s enough to hate about him without telling us he hates the United States, which he clearly does not. He appreciates it greatly, maybe even loves it (for what he can do with it or squeeze out of it), but he does not understand it. He does not understand what the United States is, was, or may become. He does not understand how it works, any more than he understands how a battery powered motor makes his toy dump truck move across the floor, or why it’s necessary to replace that battery when the old one is used up. He wants to yell at it to “GO!” and expects it to. So he doesn’t understand the rudiments of science that an elementary school age kid should. He doesn’t understand how the government itself is supposed to work, and he sure as hell doesn’t understand the finer philosophical points or ways that government can be operated. He only knows “the president” is like a king and gets to boss people around, same as he did when he was a real estate shyster, or when he somehow unthinkably managed to be given his own “reality” show (the very term “reality,” used in this context, defies itself). You just grow up in your room, with all the stuff your dad gives you to keep you out of his hair, and you rule that room, that business, that TV show, that…uh…country!

He doesn’t read the instructions. He doesn’t read. He says he doesn’t need to because he already knows.

And we wonder why he has any supporters at all? Imagine how many ignorant US citizens can relate to this “Why do I have to share my stuff?” mentality and never read instructions (or don’t know how)! Sweet lord! Way too many with too much in common, except for a reality show.

No, you don’t hate your stuff. It’s yours to do with as you please, and when you play with your various toys you are omnipotent, and if something doesn’t behave as you wish it would, you can damn well pick it up and throw it against the wall and break it and demand a new one.

As for those comparisons with despots, as I asked earlier, did Hitler hate Germany? He may have hated some Germans (you know, like the Jewish ones), because when things don’t work right and you’re a little kid or a grow-ass wackaloon, you have to have someone to blame, some thing to throw against the wall or stomp on and break. But hate the United States? I don’t think so. Trump simply does not understand what this new toy is he has been given (and with the help of some of his perverse bully “friends,” the only ones who will hang with him at all) doesn’t work right, he throws a fit and they snigger behind his back. Like Vlad the ImPutin, who can barely conceal his glee at the chaos he’s helped cause in Donnie’s sandbox. Because Vlad would know how to make that sandbox really cool if it were his.

Meanwhile, I have to give Random Guy a point or two for his “Kool-Aid” remark, because Chris Cuomo was wrong. He was wrong to say Donald Trump hates his country, just as he was wrong to bully those presidential candidates about their religious faith or lack of it. Where the hell does that come in? Now this is a big and serious problem with Chris Cuomo, who could, of course, some day run for president. Cuomo is well educated, he has a remarkable resume, but damn!

No, Donald Trump does not hate his country. He hates a lot of people in it — and in other countries, too — because they don’t agree with every word he utters or they may criticize the utterances themselves, and that is a very serious problem for all of us in this country and on this planet, because never before have we had a spoiled nine year-old kid dressed up like a 72 year-old man sitting in the Oval Office, and it’s not funny.

If Donald Trump did hate this country he wouldn’t be in that office. No, he loves it. It belongs to him. We have to take it away from him post haste, and put him in time out — for the rest of his life.



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