2018: After the Year of Living Stupidly

From this…
To this

Sure it could have been worse. It still can be, if we let it. Or it can get one Hell of a lot better.

The signs are all there. Democratic off-year wins in the most unlikely places: Alabama? Virginia (slowly turning blue). New Jersey (what did you expect?). All we need to pull out of a death spiral, it seems, is to find ourselves IN one. Well we are in one, so whattaya say we pull OUT? And what better time than, well, RIGHT NOW? This is the first day of the year when Republican regressives could be turned out of Congress en masse. We’re in the required death spiral, so let’s start pulling out now.

Oh yeah, I know, “I hope so.” God, I hear that all the time. Hope is good. Change is better. Action gets the thing done, though. Enough with “Jesus take the wheel,” too. How about WE take the damn wheel? There are enough of us on this Stupid Bus to wrest control from the pilot (#NotMyPresident) and his enablers in Congress. So you’re gonna sit there and HOPE it doesn’t get worse?

“Hey, mister, I vote! I didn’t vote for this. What do you want from me?”

I’ll tell you what I want, since you probably want it too, but are feeling too weak to reach for the remote:

Change the fucking channel!

Yes, it is up to us to do this. Us, the nobodies, the weak, the poor, the infirm, the confused, the ones who voted and yet it happened. We know where the booby trap is. Are we going to step into it again?

“So what exactly are we supposed to do? We voted the right way, we thought the right things, we were nice to people, we paid our taxes…”

Can it. Please. Now. These are the times that try our souls. There is a reason people said, for the longest time: “Remember Pearl Harbor.” I guess 76 years is too long to remember when you weren’t around for it. Besides, all the comparisons have been to the European theater of World War II, with Nazis and Kluxers and shit, oh my!

Well, had we not allowed ourselves to be taken by surprise, there wouldn’t be Nazis and Kluxers hanging out in OUR White House, there wouldn’t be a GOP-dominated Congress saluting and fawning over the pilot of that Bearcat F8F in the picture above (remember that far back, can you?) as it sails straight down toward the Flat fucking Earth. We did it, all of us, collectively, either by acting in error, not acting enough, or not acting at all.

Probably everyone has heard about or at least seen (in movies or documentaries) how we mobilized as a nation following the Pearl Harbor attack followed shortly by the German declaration of war against us. It was pretty impressive, what we were able to do in such a short period of time.

We are facing the greatest existential threat to our country, and this time from inside, since WWII. We faced off the axis powers and ultimately brought them to their knees. Surely we can muster that much energy for a few months (say, until November of this year) and bring Donald Trump and the GOP to their knees by then. No, seriously, really, exactly. We can do that much.

“But it’s not that we’re being attacked by another country, it’s more complicated than that.”

Okay, then for a few months, if you can’t remember civics class, remember the Cold War and blame Russia, if only in your imagination. Use Russia. Do that. Because, you know, Vlad Putin may just be pulling a lot of the strings now anyway. And if not…like I said, IMAGINE he is, or might someday be. It’s not that big a stretch.

“But World War II was worse than this. You’re exaggerating, and besides…”

Shut up, get up, stand up! Yes, it IS that serious, maybe more so. You want to wait till that plane (the one with the “45” on it) actually slams into the ground with all us aboard?

Yes we CAN mobilize in time. Yes we CAN turn these mofos out. Yes we CAN dump Trump and a good sized portion of Congress. They are our employees anyway. How many of them would you let mind the store if you owned the store? Well you DO OWN THE GODDAM STORE!

And yes, you’re right, it could be worse. You want to sit and wait and hope it doesn’t get worse by magic? Because if you do, you may get this:

Trump et al would eat your liver if they could. And hey, maybe they can…if you let them.

Happy New Year. Now get to work!



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AJ Calhoun

AJ Calhoun

Writer, activist, novelist, sixth generation DC, local historian-storyteller, and 1:1 patient care technician five days a week.