Writer, activist, novelist, sixth generation DC, local historian-storyteller, and 1:1 patient care technician five days a week.

It’s not Just About Christmas Anymore

Three kings follow the Eastern Star — or so the story has it.

Epiphany — Twelfth Night — is celebrated by Catholics and Anglicans — and a lot of other people, too, because it’s a nice way to end the holiday season. Last year we discovered a new way to celebrate the recognition of the reign of…

Remembering the assassination of John F. Kennedy

Front page, The Evening Star, Nov. 22, 1963

Age carries with it memories, and some are so deeply planted they seem always to be recalling literal yesterday. After 58 years when I think of my learning of the death of John F. Kennedy, I am once again sitting in Mr. …

Retelling a retelling of my 9/11 experience in light of recent events

Life Beyond, as it looked in 2001

September 11, 2010

The Call came at 9:00 AM, from my son at his work, just a few blocks away:

“They’ve hit the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.”

His voice was strangely flat and affectless. …

We have risen to meet twin crises and victory is in sight on both fronts.

Typhoid Mary’s got nothing on this superspreader.

I waited for the CDC to recommend the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, after the FDA approved it yesterday for use here in the USA. That’s done now, and by next week (a few days away) the…

“Don’t shoot!”

As crowds lay siege to the area adjacent to the White House (where Donald J. Trump has been ushered to a bunker according to live reports at the moment), people — good, decent, mostly white people, liberal, well-intentioned white people — tell me, now and then, that “all this violence…

Personal protective equipment (PPE) we used don and dump countless times per day now must be rationed — and worn daily.

The current novel virus pandemic that is gripping our minds -- and some of our bodies — is only one more soldier in nature’s army of assassins seeking to kill us off as a species. While the coronavirus COVID19 has utterly consumed the spotlight over the past few weeks, all…

The fulcrum is way over there

What’s wrong with this picture?

The political right has taken more than its share of the platform upon which our democratic society rests. The balance has shifted, the winds long ago changed, and figuring in neoliberalism as part of the right, the center has moved way far over to…

AJ Calhoun

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